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To find out what’s going on with Silver and Gold Prices and to understand Yellow and Grey metal well kindly explore below thoughts for thorough understanding , I m sure those are damm serious thoughts…Cheers :)

Silver And Gold Prices From April 3o to May 6

Its a enough today in Silver prices which is around (63.3) OR -2.07% change AND it was showing some downward , but there shouldn’t be any worry as it can easily get its upward mark in coming days . Hopefully it will be stable for somedays now on .

And today’s metal prices are as below :

Silver Price closed at 29.959 which is down by 63.3 cents OR -2.07%

Gold Price closed ad 1634.2 which is down by 19.2 OR -1.16%

Today wasn’t a good day for silver as it was down by 2% as compare to gold which is around 1.2% .


“Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.”

Mark Twain



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