Silver Prices – Silver Prices 2011

Silver Prices

As per many research companies , Silver prices will grow on higher side and can reach up to more than $50 in next couple of years , this makes more buying opportunity for silver in a longer term prospective.

As we had already seen rally in April 2011 like something around 28.8% which is much higher than the normal months AND later we saw the same rallies during June, July 2011 in lieu of US debt crisis. Question arises, IS the downturn a good time to invest in Silver Prices?

These days’ people start asking that “Will silver prices will exceed $60″.

Check out the latest price of silver today to learn about silver prices.

As per current scenario many expert predict as this uncertainty will increase investment in silver and Gold and a buying opportunity is there for the ones, who seeks a safe haven for their investment.

Financial advisor claim, whenever speculation comes about week global trend, which tends to pushed Silver prices on higher side.

Whereas Silver is also becoming go-to commodity like GOLD

Are Silver Prices are still Cheap:

It’s hard to believe that Silver and Gold prices are still cheap at $40 and $1800 respectively :)

In last one year silver has grown from $17 per Oz and goes up to $48 per Oz and now dancing around $40-$45 per Oz.

Right now anyone can predict Silver and Yellow metal will continue to give best returns among any other investment including real estates.

As per current market condition and insecurity among people about the future of dollar and government bond , everyone is looking toward silver and Gold for one of the safest investment bet and lack of any other safe investment options, which is helping silver/Gold prices to rise continuously in long term .

And it’s not behind anything that Silver even beat Gold in terms of returns and created history previous year.

Silver performance during recession:

If we talk about return on investment than silver have provided best returns during the end of so called recession and recovery when bells were ringing across European Union.

Researcher still claim,”Silver Prices are still in favor of Silver and space for end user to go ahead and put their investment in this safe bet, Its always recommended to buy this at every dip. You will always find dip, as per market graph it goes up and then come down which is repeating process , so one should buy at every dip and try to keep this for long term”  Check out Silver History Graph RHS.

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  1. jerry golob says:

    I want to know how much would pure silver (silverware) go for per ounce ????? I want to know before I ever sell it I know what an 8 piece set would cost to purchase !!! so I’m hoping it I’m trying to locat the price now i see some at $50.00 per ounce I’m sure it is higher than that Thanks jerry

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